Conducts of My Work

Now, before we begin with the ‘boring’ rules you must follow in order to use or obtain my photography or art for your personal use (alone), we must state the guidelines I use in shooting my work. These are the rules I was taught at Floyd Central and will still use.

Credit to my guidelines go to: Society of Professional Journalists !

  1. Minimize harm
  2. Act independently
  3. Be transparent and accountable
  4. Seek truth and report it.


**I have the right to change, alter or add on to these credits at anytime. Anything you say or do can reflect my judgement of allowing you the privilege to use my art/photograph the way I allowed you to use. If you have any questions, there is a contact page that will lead straight to my email. Be respectful of the owner and follow the guidelines. Even if there is no guideline added for it yet, do the right thing and ask first. **

  • Credit must be acquired on sight if you are to use any of these photos *with my permission*. Madison Fuson is to be located on or absolutely close to the photograph if I allow you to post it to a social media or other form of website. 
  • I can always substitute another photographer for the day if you are to hire me for a special day or job that requires a photograph. 
  • Please understand I am not a machine, I cannot do anything and everything. If you don’t want the photograph and demand your money, ask nicely for it back. We can work something out.
  • Be respectful of the artist, don’t make my artwork into a rude joke or trash it because you don’t like it.
  • Don’t claim ownership of the art or photograph. If it is your character, that is fine to claim your character, not my artwork or photography. Otherwise, my artwork goes to my credit unless I gave you permission to where you do not need to credit me.

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