Important Updates: New Here?

Nice to meet you, once again! I’m the editor and photographer of the site displayed before your eyes. My name is Madison Fuson! I am very excited that you found this site and are willing to read it! This is the new website so please, scroll down to the bottom to learn the directory.


The site is pretty simple. You should find your way around very easily. If you cannot, you can always email me with concerns or just use the ‘contact’ page with the form that will easily alert me. If you want to ask for me to take a certain photo for you, I’ll need you to contact me and view the terms of service I have. Not a big document, just a few rules here and there.


What you’re seeing is of my small character, Alex. He is a fennec and more about him can be learned if you want to contact me. I don’t care if you do gifts for me using him, but you may not use him or claim him as your own.


I have updated the site with a brand new menu. It used to be that you had to press ‘go’ on the search button to get around, which you can still do, but I’ve made it easier now! Now, at the bottom of the screen, it is easier to get around. I hope you all like it the way I do.*


Nothing really special. I am an artist at 14, who is going to turn 15 on March 1, who took interest in photography a while back due to all the images we have today.

That’s about it.. You have a lot more information on the ‘About’ page. This was meant to be a brief summary to not bore you, so hopefully, I didn’t start you off badly and scare ya off!


***I have the right to change price, terms and any other writing on this website at anytime!! If you do not agree with this, I ask you do not commission me for any photography or artwork. You may not make it as if the pieces are yours, but you may use it anyway you please if stated you have the proper permission.***

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