Welcome to my site! Hopefully you made it onward to this page and are not having troubles with this website. To not bore you to death, let me spare you the details about me later, and let me show you how to operate the site here: click me for help!

Now Information On My Site:

This is a professional site set up due to photography class in Floyd Central. It will be used by me from now on, whether I progress into photography or not. On this ‘professional’ site, ran by this professional student, you will see the menus about. Obviously, this page is about my amazing site and this weird girl. The home will contain my blogs and the continuing pages are quite simple. They are galleries with photographs I have taken or will take in the future. Just read the page’s name to find out what pictures lie ahead or what you may find next.

It’s Just Me, Myself and I:

Before I go on, yes, WordPress also made this website, but let’s switch to the main topic here, me. You may be wondering about me. Lemme tell you some things about myself. A few hobbies here and there.

My name is Madison Fuson, I currently go to Floyd Central and photography is one of the many classes I take. I plan to work at the age of 15 and I enjoy to draw and do hands-on work rather than to write and sit in a chair all day. I got interested in photography class due to I’m a rather “artistic” person who wants to try to become a photographer as well. It may improve my art, which is a plus. Throughout here, you may see some of my artwork just to help promote my site. 😉

Credit is due:

The site’s existence is credited to WordPress and has challenged me to pursue a coding interest I’ve had for a very long time. The art and photographs on here will strictly be credited to me. If it’s not mine, I will always put the artist’s name in the description of the photo. The overall build of the site is credited to me, I edited but then again, as I stated, WordPress has made the existence of the site possible.


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